Stars in Her Eyes by Kathy Bradshaw
Kathy Bradshaw

Kathy Bradshaw is a Saskatoon-based artist and retired art educator.  Since receiving her B.F.A. with great distinction from the U. of S. in 2005, Brashaw has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Western Canada and has received several awards for her animal portraiture and landscape work.
Bradshaw works with a range of subject matters in oil and encaustic, an ancient medium treasured for its luminosity, layering capabilities and ability to invoke memory and mystery.  Expressive mark-making, colour, texture, light and shadow all play a powerful role in her art. 
Her current focus is the power of space in the northern landscape and animal portraiture.  Equally fascinated and haunted by the vastness of the prairies and the solitude and complexity of the forest, Bradshaw takes inspiration from Thoreau’s teachings to convey the landscape as a form of escape, a return to self and a means to spiritual growth.  Similarly seduced by animal forms for their spiritual connections, Bradshaw is compelled to capture their spirit, beauty and strength through gaze and gesture.
Kathy Bradshaw's work is part of private, public and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

The Avens Gallery
Stars in Her Eyes
Kathy Bradshaw
Stars in Her Eyes
Kathy Bradshaw
30" x 30"
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