Choice by Michael Sydoryk

Michael Sydoryk is a self-taught artist from Cochrane, Alberta. He started his journey in art in 2009 as a release and escape from his university workload. Once he put paint to canvas, he was obsessed and dedicated with the artistic pursuit. He continued his creative endeavour alongside his studies with the intention of giving back. Pushing the connection and value that art creates. To do so, he partnered with various conservation efforts. Over the years he has helped fund efforts for the fostering and vet care for rhinos, orangutans and various other conservation efforts of endangered species. He has brought his focus home and most recently, has partnered with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Joining in the efforts to keep our public land and water, wild.

Michael is one of the most recent additions to the Calgary Stampede's Western Showcase. Accepted since 2016, he joins a list of amazing artists to be a part of Calgary's Western Heritage during the greatest outdoor show on earth. With the completion of his educational pursuits in 2018, you can expect to see him become more prominent within the art community in the years to come.

The style you see today with raw, sole focus imagery was developed in 2014. His proportionate and realistic elements combined with abstract and energetic brush strokes create an emotional experience that allows the viewer to connect on an emotional and impactful level.

The Avens Gallery
Michael Sydoryk
Michael Sydoryk
36" x 72"
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